Forrest City First United Methodist Church
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Open hearts, open minds, open doors

Pastor's Page

Dear Forrest City Family of Faith:
I am beyond delighted to be coming home.  "What do you mean Dixon, coming home?"
Well, anywhere the people of God are is home for me.  And, I am only a few years removed from my first appointment in the Arkansas Delta.  I am only one generation removed from the Mississippi Delta.    I was born and raised in Memphis.  My brother with other family and friends still live in the Memphis area.  I am coming home!
I am excited about joining you in ministry.  You will hear me say (probably more than once), that as a Christian and a Methodist, I sat in the pew for more years than I've stood in the pulpit.  That connection to the pew is still a big part of who I am and my personal mission statement:  To inspire, encourage, enlist, and empower every member to be in ministry.  
We are called to be disciples making disciples ... all of us.  In connection ... let's do it together!
peace and blessings,